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Guide Your Light Sessions

Guide Your Light Sessions

Creating conversations that matter, with voices that matter.

We create a cycle to help you to bring your podcast core message to light through 4 x interactive sessions (LIVE online with Maritza Barone).


Production of a podcast is just the technical side – but it is the message within the podcast, the way it makes people feel, and what actions they take after they have listened that makes all the difference.

Having your own show can be exciting and fun, but that feeling can soon dissolve (and we have seen that happen many times) when the core message is not clear & strong from the start.


The heart of why you speak needs to come through loud and clear.


There are many ways in which you can approach an audience, are you there to:







This always needs to be what you are thinking about when you use your voice on a podcast or any other platform if you want to make a real impact.

We help you to:

Set your intention

Gain clarity

Find your audience

Structure your show

Craft your communication

Build your first season

Understand equipment

Build your promotional assets

Set up processes so you are ready to record

and go live!


This is an introductory offer for 10 carefully selected purpose-led participants wanting to make a positive impact through their voice. 


By the end of these sessions you will have a complete road map of your first podcast season and will be ready to start production of your very own heart-led show - which will be part of the Guide Your Light podcast network. 


Introductory offer - ONLY $125 for all four sessions (usually $295)

Tuesday evenings x 4 
Commencing Late JULY, 2022. 

    $295.00 Regular Price
    $125.02Sale Price
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