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Maritza Barone.

"I share my voice, so that you can share yours".

Impact Producer, Presenter Founder of Guide Your Light Network and Conscious Conversations

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"My interview with Maritza Barone was inspiring. It was magnificent. She had such thoughtful and lovely heart opening questions. I am grateful for the opportunity to share with the many listeners and viewers what is so meaningful and purposeful from my heart.

With love and wisdom"

Dr John Demartini

Human Behaviour Expert &


White Headphones

"I am a long time listener of Maritza's (I haven't felt like self-help podcasts for ages... been in a slump I haven't been able to shake).


Your show is brilliant! I am in awe at your bravery, verbal eloquence and ability to talk across sections. The mens' coach, the make-up boss (from South Yarra), the fortune teller... so good". 


Things You Can't Un-Hear Podcast

Segment on Cuppa TV with Luke Cook

Public Speaking vs Sharing Your Voice

The Power of Voice Speaking opportunities

Learn how to find the confidence to share your unique voice with Maritza

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Maritza's Podcast

Host and creator of leading wellbeing podcast: Things You Can't Un-Hear (Apple Podcasts Top Self-Improvement Podcasts in Australia)


Learn more about Maritza's podcast network

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Recent Media 

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