Maritza Barone is a TV Presenter, Radio Host, Podcaster, Speaker and Content Producer whose mission is to elevate people in the world doing amazing things for humanity through the content she creates and is involved in.


Maritza is an ambassador and "RAKtivist" for the RAK Foundation to help spread random acts of kindness around the world.

Her well-being podcast, 'Things You Can't Un-Hear' has reached the TOP 50 self-improvement podcasts in Australia in which he interviews leading health, wellness and thought leaders to discuss wellbeing topics of our time. She is passionate about sharing personal journey's and visions to help people awaken to a higher level of thinking and to feed themselves with powerful knowledge that will make the world a better place.

Maritza is also co-founder of an inspirational event series called Conscious Conversations whose mission is to shift people to a deeper connection within themselves and the people around them. 

As a regular radio announcer for Triple M Aussie at Southern Cross Austereo and a strong background as a wellness and lifestyle presenter and MC, she has interviewed hundreds of people throughout her many years in media and is a master interviewer. 

Having hosted 3 seasons of GET A LIFE on Foxtel, Red Carpet arrivals at ROADSHOW Movie Premieres, LOGIES, BROWNLOW MEDAL and ARIA AWARDS over many years, including her experience managing a global video review platform, her media industry experience is highly notable. 

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Interview on SELF podcast
Episode Info
Welcome to Conscious Conversations!
Today's guest is TV Presenter, Radio Host, Producer, and Mother - the beautiful Maritza Barone.

On this episode:
1. Morning Routine
2. Personal Belief System
3. Conscious Parenting
4. Maritza's Podcast "Thing's You Can't Un-Hear"

See more of Maritza here: www.instagram.com/maritza_barone

Chat with me here: www.instagram.com/_lisabryant

Have a great Friday! Lisa Bryant
Soul Star Festival
Soul Star Festival Facilitator - Maritza Barone and Conscious Conversations
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