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Maritza Barone is an experienced TV Presenter, Radio Host, Podcaster, Speaker and Senior Producer. Her mission is to help elevate impactful voices through the content she creates and is involved in.

Her well-being podcast, 'Things You Can't Un-Hear' regularly features in the TOP 50 self-improvement podcasts in Australia 

She launched the show in 2019 because of the pure reason that she truly had to share the lessons she was hearing on her own self-development journey – as they were so transformative that she could simply not keep them to herself.


She felt so shifted, changed, renewed and knew this awareness & knowledge might just do the same for others.

Her motto now, is "I share my voice, so that you can share yours" as she helps others through new pathways to voice their thoughts in a way that is clear, meaningful, engaging and life changing. In 2022 she launched the Guide Your Light Network, that features podcasts with purpose. 


"When I interview people and hear them share their story for 100th time or the very first time, the feeling is beyond words. You see the sense of freedom and release when someone is able to use their voice authentically and publicly, when they have been given the platform to do so".

In 2019 Maritza also co-founded a social enterprise called Conscious Conversations whose goal is to shift people to a deeper connection within themselves and the people around them, through their events, workshops & products created around the main cornerstones of life. It is their aim to create "5 million genuine and meaningful conversations over the next five years".

As a former radio announcer for Triple M Aussie at Southern Cross Austereo and a strong background as a wellness and lifestyle presenter and MC, she has interviewed thousands of people throughout her many years in media and is a master interviewer. 

Having hosted 3 seasons of GET A LIFE on Foxtel, Red Carpet arrivals at ROADSHOW Movie Premieres, LOGIES, BROWNLOW MEDAL and ARIA AWARDS over many years, including her experience managing a global video review platform, her media industry experience is highly notable. 

Maritza and her family spent 2021 living in Fiji, enjoying a life-long goal of theirs to work and live remotely. They have since returned to Australia and re-located to the Sunshine Coast, from Melbourne.

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Maritza's One-Sheet
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